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Blast Freezing Air Cooler

Our blast freezing air cooler which are capable to provide wide ranges of cooling capacities are able to respond the demands of industrial refrigerations.

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General Specifications

Blast Freezing Air Cooler ;

They contain a wide capacity range from 6,3 kW to 57,3 kW. (These capacity ranges are given for R404A refrigerant type.)

  • High Efficient Aluminium Fins
  • 12 mm fin spacing
  • The copper tubes in 5/8’’ in diameters
  • High pressured test in 35 bar
  • High operating pressure till to 20 bar
  • Sending by positive pressure pressing with nitrogen
They might be covered optionally with epoxy cover aluminium fin.

Technical Specifications

Blast Freezing Air Cooler ;

Characteristics Of Casing:

Optionally, manufactured with stainless casing

  • Hot-dip galvanized sheet
  • Anti-rust and permanent electrostatic powder paint (RAL 7047)
  • Hinged drain tray,
  • Easily removed side covers by loosening the connection screw
  • Ceiling mounting brackets

Characteristics Of Heaters:

E2 type heating resistor is used for lower than 0°C room temperature. The resistors are mounted on the coil and on the drain tray.
In blast freezers, E3 type heating resistors are used as standard. Also heating resistors are mounted on the fan cage together with the cooling coil and the drain tray.

  • E2: Coil + drain tray electrical defrost
  • E3: Coil + drain tray+ fan electrical defrost

Characteristics Of Fans:

In blast freezers; 50 Pa in Ø500 fans, 100 Pa in Ø630 fans, external pressure loss has to be considered.

  • Energy-efficient and silent running fans
  • The fan motors are equipped with insulation class F, protection class IP54

Fan Diameter (mm)


Fan Speed (fs/min)


Phase / Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)


Recommended Max. Operating Temperature (°C)

500 1390 3 / 400 / 50 -40 / +60
630 1310 3 / 400 / 50 -40 / +65

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