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Ammonia Evaporators

Our Ammonia cold room evaporators which are capable to provide small and middle ranges of cooling capacities are able to respond the demands of commercial refrigerations.

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General Specifications

Ammonia Evaporators ;

 They contain a wide capacity range from 9,8 kW to 122 kW. (These capacity ranges are given for R404A refrigerant type.)

  • High efficient aliminium fins
  • 6-8-10-12 mm. fin spacings
  • The stainless steel tube in ¾ diameters
  • Working capability with ammonia gas
  • High pressured test in 35 bar
  • High operating pressure till to 20 bar
  • Sending by positive pressure pressing with nitrogen
They might be covered optionally with epoxy cover aluminium fin.

Technical Specifications

Ammonia Evaporators ;

Characteristics Of Casing:

The cassetting has an esthetic structure that has a protection against oxidation and it is manufactured by lasting electrostatic powder paint with hot-dip galvanized steel. In all types of models there are some standard equipments and functions such as hinged drain pan that are easily close and open for assembly and service, easily removed side covers and special hangers for easy installations. Stainless casettings can be done optionally.

Characteristics Of Heaters:

E1 type heaters are used for the range of 0ºC and +5ºC. Heaters are only mounted on the body of the cooling coil. E2 heaters can bu used for the degrees below 0. Heaters are mounted on the body of the cooling coil and drain pan.


HGD1:  Only body hot gas defrost

HGD2 : Body + drain pan hot gas defrost

Characteristics Of Fans:

Optionally fans can be equipped with three phase motors.

  • Energy-efficient and silent running fans
  • The fan motors are equipped with insulation class B or F, protection class IP44 or IP54

Fan Diameter (mm)


Fan Speed (fs/min)


Phase / Voltage (V) / Frequency (Hz)


Recommended Max. Operating Temperature (°C)

450 1345 1 / 230 / 50 -25 / +60
500 1270 1 / 230 / 50 -40 / +65
630 860 1 / 230 / 50 -40 / +55
800 880 3 / 400 / 50 -40 / +60

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