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About the company

Orca is a member of TEKOP Refrigeration.

“Tekop Refrigeration tries to be a reliable company for its customers in the refrigeration sector. “

  • To be a reliable company in the international trades:
  • To identify the right products meeting the customer needs and to avoid wrong purchases.
  • To ensure purchasing the right product for the right price.
  • To ensure the delivery at the place in time on the agreed date.
  • To ensure delivery of the product in the desired physical conditions.
  • To ensure the continuity of the products.
  • To follow up innovations and the technology.

With its trade partners in 5 countries and almost 50 employees, it has been active to fulfill its tasks since 2000. Projects in various sizes, most of which are “turn-key” projects, have been completed in 46 countries around the world.


Code Of Ethıcs


• We are the expert in our business
• We target the overachievement and accomplish it
• We are Innovative and creative
• We support continuous improvement


• Quality
• Consistency
• Confidentiality
• Importance to details
• Unique service quality
• Design expertness
• Competition
• Power of technological and organizational innovation
• Responsible to environment / Adaptation to Leed Certificate
• Solution Partnership


• To be different from the competitors,
leader in Turkey, demanded and reliable
brand in global market.


• Reliable,open to innovation and pioneering
approach to each topic, the best products and
service to our customers
• To act in accordance with our country’s
laws and statutes
• Always keeping at the forefront of environmentally
sensitive awareness of the environment and low
energy consumption products

Our Responsibilities

Legal Responsibilities

We present complete and understandable information on time to regulatory institutions and we fulfill our operations in the frame of Turkish Republic laws and international laws.


Responsibilities to Customers

We work with a proactive insight and being focused on customer satisfaction we met the requirements and demands of customers in shortest time. We introduce our services on the right time and in the conditions that we have promised. We act with respect, honor, justice, equity and kindness.


Responsibilities to our Partners

We avoid unnecessary or unmanageable risks, we target sustainable profitability, placing emphasis primarily to Tekop Refrigeration continuousness and in the direction of creating value for our partners.


Responsibilities to our Suppliers & Business Partners

As expected from a loyal customer, we behave fairly and respectfully and care to fulfill our liabilities. We protect the private information of the people and corporations that we do business carefully.


Responsibilities to our Competitors

We compete only in legal and ethical fields and take care to stay away from unfair discrimination.
We support the efforts to provide the aimed competitive structure.


Responsibilities to Society & Humanity

Protection of democracy, human rights, environment, education and charities, to eliminate the anti-corruption is crucial for us. With the conscious to be a good citizen, as a pioneer we act sensitive in society issues and try to take a role in civil society organizations and the services for public weal.